Reddit unveils 24-hour Yearmix 2016Reddit Logo

Reddit unveils 24-hour Yearmix 2016

Reddit has a thriving electronic music community, spanning numerous subreddits. One particular hub, /r/electronicmusic, uses its broad definition to bring in those interested, from the most mainstream genres to the most obscure. The enterprising users of that sub came together to create an insanely ambitious 24-hour mix covering almost the entire diaspora of its membership.

Over 40 performers came together to complete the mix — split up into four 6-hour blocks — that begins with disco and ends in vaporwave. For those who can’t spend a literal day listening to the gargantuan mix in its entirety, the different portions of the Yearmix and an hour-by-hour schedule, as well as a link to download the entire mix in either .mp3 or .ogg format, are available below.

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Reddit unveils 24-hour Yearmix 2016Yearmi Schedule

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