Kllo shift their sound on new single, ‘Potential’Kllo Instagram

Kllo shift their sound on new single, ‘Potential’


Melbourne duo Kllo released their first single, “Potential”, buttressed with an accompanying video since their breathtaking debut album, Backwater, in 2017.

On “Potential,” the Ghostly International group, consisting of cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam, made a conscious effort to grow their sound. An atmospheric opening morphs into a subdued production, with a focus on Kaul’s characteristically effortless vocals and Lam’s subtly clever arrangements. It’s a track that displays its ambition in a reserved manner — one that bodes well for the duo’s upcoming efforts.

The video released concurrently with “Potential” fits the bittersweet tone of the track itself, following both Kaul and Lam separately before uniting. A number of effects to give the video a nostalgic, glitchy look similarly match the emotions of the track.

Photo Credit: @kllomusic/Instagram

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