Getter takes part in ‘Mau5ville: Level 1’ through ‘All Is Lost’Getter Mau5trap

Getter takes part in ‘Mau5ville: Level 1’ through ‘All Is Lost’

Over the past year, LA-based DJ and producer Getter has undergone a complete musical transformation, switching his focus from the heavy dubstep hits that helped him ascend into notoriety to a more varied collection of sounds. He did a rap EP with Ghostmane, tried out punk rock for track “Colorblind,” and has now taken part in deadmau5‘ newest Mau5ville: Level 1 EP via “All is Lost.”

The seemingly unlikely duo went on one of deadmau5′ coffee runs, which is a content series where the Canadian producer drives to coffee with another artist, talking about everything from the state of music to funny stories. Their coffee run was three days before the Mau5ville: level 1 EP release, of which “All is Lost” is a part of.

It reminds us a bit of the Getter of old, with its central focus being its jarring hits of bass. Robotic synth riffs add a hint of futurism to the finished product, which aided by nothing,nowhere., evokes feelings of gliding through a dystopian, technology-driven landscape.

Photo credit: Getter Instagram

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