Avicii has been named Europe’s 6th fastest growing businessAvicii

Avicii has been named Europe’s 6th fastest growing business

Avicii became one of the first DJs to reach rockstar status as the EDM boom settled in with the release of “Levels.” Since then, his popularity has only continued to skyrocket. The young Swede used his newfound celebrity to break even more music boundaries, fusing pop, folk, and electronic into a new style which has made him even more appealing to the mainstream. Bergling soon evolved beyond just a DJ and into a brand, partnering with companies like PS4 and Coca-Cola to make his name even more ubiquitous within today’s entertainment industry.

Avicii’s efforts have reaped many rewards, including earning a spot in the top 10 list of Forbes’ “Electronic Cash Kings” since its creation in 2012. Now, he’s landed another ranking to add to his résumé, having been named the 6th fastest growing business in Europe by Inc. Magazine. Given that his ranking comes amidst a list of 5,000 companies reviewed and ranked by the publication, it’s a fairly huge accomplishment for Avicii. Inc. tracks Avicii’s growth as a brand at 1905% over the last three years. The main propellers of his success, as points out the article, have been his never-ending flow of hits, including tracks like “Wake Me Up,” “Hey Brother,” and “Waiting For Love.”

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